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Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts Presents:

The Mother League

In May of 2018, PAAL’s structure officially expanded to advocacy for all parent artists in the performing arts. As a result, “The Mother League was born as a collective of mother artists around the country to publicly support the efforts, opportunity, and celebration of mother artists and to combat discrimination in the performing arts unique to mother artists. The Mother League is facilitated by PAAL reps who actively engage in social activism and advocacy for maternal health, equity, and opportunity. The Mother League Membership will soon be open to all mother artists in the performing arts!
While PAAL’s mission is all-parent, our initiatives continue to prioritize making an impact on gender parity through intersectional and intentional conversation and via initiatives for motherhood, race, and gender equity. The Mother League commits to ensuring these conversations result in action through PAAL’s agenda.
See below to meet our facilitators and learn more about how to join the league, our MOTHER LEAGUE GRANT, and resources for mother artists – for you, from PAAL and The Mother League!

The Mother League Facilitators – ARTISTS/ACTIVISTS:


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LaNeshe Miller White | Executive Director | Founder: Nesheaholic Online Resources for Working Motherhood
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Melissa Engle | Actor | Founder: Mama Bears PPD/PPA Support Community, Chicago
Adriana Gaviria | Actor/Producer | 2018 NALAC Advocacy Leadership – IVF, Fertility Benefits
Kate O’Phalen | Actor/AEA Councilor | MPA CUNY Scholarship Maternal Health, Policy, and Advocacy
Cassie Calderone | Stage Manager | Professional Doula, Chicago Volunteer Doulas and Healthy Families, Co-Chair: Chicago Latina Moms





The Mother League MEMBERSHIP:

Contact us if you are active in maternal advocacy and the theatre and would like information on joining this league. More site information coming soon!

Professional Development_ Mothers of Color in the Arts

The Mother League GRANT:

One of PAAL’s long-term goals is to develop a special MOTHER LEAGUE GRANT for a mother artist in the performing arts who cares for a child with special needs. In addition to the PAAL childcare grants, this grant will be provided to a mother artist through PAAL and The Mother League in efforts to directly address childcare needs as access needs for artist sustainability. The MOTHER LEAGUE GRANT will also curate mentorship support, space provision as applicable, and networking opportunities. Contact us if you would like to know how you can support this goal!
Professional Development_ Mothers of Color in the Arts

The Mother League RESOURCES:

Check out some of our pieces on motherhood! Our National Handbooks are currently underway [coming soon] with medical, legal, professional, and financial recommendations for institutions and individual artists. Stay tuned!

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Professional Development_ Mothers of Color in the Arts


On August 2, 2018, over 80,000 people witnessed our celebration of mother artists! PAAL and The Mother League launched INTERNATIONAL MOTHER ARTIST DAY in collaboration with Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival through the kick-off for the first Motherhood Reading Series! Mother artists from the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and more participated by posting their mother artist photos and celebrating a global community of mother artists. Participating groups included Broadway Baby Mamas and MAM Ireland who gathered their communities to publicly celebrate with us on what mothers can do!

Join us again on August 2! Use the hashtag #INTLMOTHERARTISTDAY – and check out some of the highlights below!

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