PAAL Awards | Family-Friendly Theatres, New York City

The PAAL Awards are national recognition awards for theatre institutions, companies, and organizations that engage in parent-inclusive practices. The awards are rolling and nominations stay open. PAAL will review each submission and notify theatres that qualify for inclusion on the awards list. Nominate your organization here. 

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(A separate page will be created for the larger area of New York State, excluding the five boroughs. Below are theatres within the five boroughs of New York City.)

New York City PAAL Chief Rep: Jenna Woods | Contact Jenna

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“Caborca has always been completely inclusive of parents and children. As long as it has existed, there have been children at our rehearsals from time to time and there is no question that both babies and children are welcome.” – Erin Koster
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Award: Family-Friendly Scheduling, Telecommunication Options, Flexibility of Children in the Space, Designated time/space to breastfeed/pump/fridge to store milk, Initiating conversation about caregiver/parent needs as part of healthy work culture, casting of a pregnant woman in roles that are not necessarily pregnant

Location: NYC


WP Theater

“WP Theater is growing and embracing our collective obligation to make space for mothers and fathers in the arts whose costs to be artists that we work with exceed those of customary child-care. We are new to the mix, but have allocated funds to support artists and staff that encounter these additional and potentially prohibitive expenses. We are also collecting [tangible] items to create our first ever parents resource at the office and theater. ” – Michael Sag, 
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Award: Childcare/Childcare Stipend/Sitters, Other Childcare/Babysitting Resources, Family-Friendly Scheduling, Flexibility of Children in the Space, Initiating conversation about caregiver/parent needs as part of healthy work culture, Tangible assets (baby gate, baby bed, high chair, etc.)

Location: NYC