Late Fall/Winter 2019 – First Summit for Leadership & Decision Makers

In the fall/winter of 2019, PAAL will host the first national PAAL Summit. The event will consist of featured case studies, resource exchanges, best practices, HR health, and basic training for institutions leaders, industry decision makers, and union members. Watch this space or subscribe for updates to hear about dates and registration info.

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The CONVERSATION: Women of Broadway

May 7, 2019 – Parenthood in Theatre Panel (NYC) 

Geared towards theatrical union members and industry decision makers, this event will address the unique challenges for working theatre parents. Rachel Spencer Hewitt, founder of the Parent Artist Advocacy League, will moderate.

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The LAB: Theatre Communications Group

June 5, 2019 – LAB Session at TCG’s Annual Conference (Miami)

The socio-economic and work-life balance realities of caregivers seem amplified by the unique nature of performing arts institutions and disciplines, which- in most cases- demand long hours, unpredictable schedules, and less-than-optimal leave policies. How can we create sustainable support that helps the individual and also strengthens the institution, and ultimately the field? In this Lab, we will share experiences, engage with data, and curate shared action steps as we do the creative work of imagining how to sustain support systems for institutions committed to supporting their own parent artists and caregivers. Led by Rachel Spencer-Hewitt, founder of the Parent Artist Advocacy League, and other caregiver artist-leaders, we’ll ask and answer: What are the qualities of replicable initiatives? What can be codified? And how can we harness the creative energy of our field’s powerful thinkers to shift systems and make sure that caregiving artists can thrive?

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The COMMUNITY: Latinx Theatre Commons

July 12-15, 2019 – PAAL Facilitates Caregiver Conversations at LTC

As part of North Star Projects’ commitment to work-life balance and conversations on sustainability, North Star Projects has invited PAAL to engage with the Latinx community to curate a safe space for sharing obstacles unique to caregiver artists of color and provide resources that help sustain support as an artist caregiver at the 2019 Latinx Theatre Commons Miami Regional Convening (Miami in Motion!) in Miami, FL.

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