Barrymore Awards + PAAL Childcare Fund

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1) Click here to donate. 2) Fill out donation information + billing 3) Select “In memoriam or special occasion” at the bottom of the form 4) Write “Barrymore Awards Fund” 5) Process donation to support this cause!

Leadership and nomination, adjudication and recognition, these factors all impact the theatre and its sustainability. Often, the individuals who play these crucial roles in the awards process are invisible – and even more so, their caregiving needs go unnoticed as wellNot this time.

Parent Artist Advocacy League is proudly partnering with Theatre Philadelphia to sponsor childcare for their selected nominators and adjudicators for the prestigious Barrymore Awards. Donate to the cause here – and select “This is for a memoriam or special occasion” – then write “Barrymore Awards Fund” in the blank so we process your gift for these incredible recipients!

If you are a Barrymore Award Nominator/Adjudicator and need to register to request funds, fill out this form. We will be checking each application with approved names and emails according to Theatre Philadelphia internal records.

Theatre Philadelphia is committed to altering multiple factors in their structure to increase access – you should check out the video details on that here! One of the crucial ways they are breaking ground in contributor support is intentionally seeking out childcare support with PAAL.

Want to donate to this cause?

The ask is $15. That’s it. Can you do that? Would you be interested in sharing with someone who could?

Step 2: Fill out donation and billing details
Step 3: Select “This is a memorial or special occasion gift” at the bottom of the form
Step 4: Type “Barrymore Awards Fund” (see image below)
Step 5: Process donation to support this cause!
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Our goal for this first year? $1500. So doable!
If we get 100 people to donate that minimum, we can reach our goal! There are 1.5 MILLION people in Philadelphia, 7.7 THOUSAND people on the Theatre Philadelphia Facebook Page, 1.5 THOUSAND people on the PAAL page. With those numbers, childcare support is so achievable!

Thank you for your support! We’re thrilled to see parent access become a reality!

Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) for the Performing Arts is an all-gender, all-discipline, national organization committed to childcare grants and sponsorships, resource collection to create a hub for parents and caregivers, and network solution generator for institutions and individuals interested in parent support. Check out more on Facebook or on our website!